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Our services, our passions

We do our best to offer the best services to our users and to the companies that support us. Indeed, we are a close-knit team with a deep passions to create, improve and listen to the needs we see around us.

“We do everything possible to meet the expectations of our users. This is our goal with the services we offer.”

Florian Auclair

Florian Auclair - Chief Community Officer


Discuss, Share, Connect!

Our team sets up platforms to share passions, meet new people or participate in many activities with our wonderful communities. Discover new universes and above all, discover new ways of sharing.

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Discover the creativity of our teams

Discover a large panel of creations realized and imagined by the enormous creativity of our teams. They put in works their beautiful competences to the profit of the organization of several events, innovating with new gamemodes for events, or reinvent representations of elements in our universe to turn them into an unique experience to share with others.


We called the Unosial team as part of a totally innovative project for a custom Minecraft map. The team was very professional & attentive to our needs & every detail even with the complexity and the tight deadline.

Justine Oriol

Senior Project Manager at Webedia


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