Discover our partner program!

We want to support different projects, communities, or others, by offering different perks with our different subsidiaries, whether on Marsha, Hylaria Studio or others!

Here is the set of perks we offer to our partners! These benefits are subject to increase or change in the future.

  • A beautiful badge on all our subsidiaries.
  • Promote your project or community on our website.
  • A custom Marsha instance for your server.
  • Premium advantages to many of our subsidiaries. (Marsha, Unosial, and others)

Would you like to be part of our partner program? If so! Just fill out the simple form below. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

Our partners

Inoxtag Discord community Inoxtag is a french youtuber and streamer. Find him on his different social networks.

Neopolis Game Discover your city, buy real world buildings and challenge your friends on Neopolis.

Global Contents Blog Independent news site. Deals with Internet, Social Networks, Ecology and other topics.