Discover a community filled with caring and nice people. Join us to have a wonderful time with the whole community, chill with them around a campfire, and eat some marshmallows ✨


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A "constantly evolving" server

We encourage sharing your drawings, photos, positivity related stuff ect. in various channels ! Get along with us and share your passions and positivity and hobbies to give you or give back a smile.

We're also hosting events such as a banner contest every Sunday where users have to take a picture related to nature with a specific theme and the community decides which one is the winner.

We're really hyped to see you among us to share all of this and share meaningful conversations !


Discuss, Share, Contribute!

The server adapts itself to the community so we will offer you over time various new features to allow you to live an enriching, crisp & dynamic experience among us.

We do our best to offer each Saturday new stuff on the server to offer you an evolving experience and new content so you won't get bored easily !

You can also make suggestions by your own to contribute to the evolution of the server if you think your idea is interesting.

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