Welcome to a new era! Marsha's released

Welcome to a new era! Marsha's released

After almost a year of work, the release of Marsha is finally announced and all this in one week! Discover a new era of moderation.

Meet Marsha, our new Discord moderation bot! After several months of hard work by our team, we are honored to announce the public release of Marsha. It is an advanced moderation bot with many features to make life easier for any moderator or public server owner.

Why choosing Marsha ?

First, it has a powerful self-moderation system and dynamic detection of spam or banwords. You’re an adept of “old school moderation”? Then a blacklist system is also available!

Next, a dashboard is also available to you in order to have an overview of your server. You’re able to observe the latest infractions occurring on your server (whether they are given by Marsha automatically or by one of your moderators) or a more detailed and specific view by being able to consult all the infractions a member of your server has committed, modify a particular infractions, observe the smallest details of it or delete it.

In addition, you have the possibility of obtaining all this information directly on discord thanks to a very varied panel of commands & embeds also allowing you to easily clear certain messages on your discord (example: the messages of a user, a role, in a specific show,…)

Do you find a user’s messages particularly inappropriate or dangerous and you are afraid that this user will delete them? We also have an archive system to save all of his latest messages. Finally, a modular anti-raid is available to you in order to deal with any eventuality by blocking joins on your server, locking certain or every channels.

Want to invite it to your server? A detailed tutorial is available right here: https://marsha.dev/how-to-add-marsha

By joining marsha’s server, you will not only be notified of upcoming updates, breakdowns or maintenance, but you will also benefit from fast and efficient support by getting in touch with the Marsha Team directly in the #Global Help channel.

Want to find out who’s behind Marsha? Then join the Unosial discord server: https://unosial.com/discord



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