Unosial is finally back, stronger than ever with a ton of new content!

Unosial is finally back, stronger than ever with a ton of new content!

After a very long absence, Unosial is back in force to offer you many services with a team full of determination to meet the needs we see around us.

Since July 23, 2021, Unosial is back! Indeed, with great enthusiasm, we announce that Unosial is back in force with many ideas and projects in progress! đź‘€

First, the site has arrived! Allowing all regular readers to have a lot of information: whether on all the unosial staff, current, past or future projects.

Next, we have the honor to present to you two of our ongoing projects:


Marsha, a powerful moderation bot with many great features that can make life easier for any moderator.

Indeed, it has, for example, a complete and refined dashboard, a self-moderation system, an anti-raid and many other options!


Pikacord, another discord bot but this time, focused on the F-U-N aspect and entertaining in a community server, Pokemon themed bot.

This one is available in English and French and offers the possibility of collecting pokemons more or less rare. Pikacord also allows you to generate activity on your server and to have fun by making pokemons appear in the discussion channels according to the messages sent by your members!

In addition, a level system for pokemons has been implemented, with the possibility of looking at their different stats in detail & in real time for your greatest pleasure!

Finally: a dashboard allowing you to configure the bot on your server has been set up to make your life easier! :eyes:

(If you wish, you can also join the Pikacord support discord server in order to read the faq written by us, benefit from a quick and efficient support, report bugs, play with the bot or make new friends)

Finally, Unosial is hiring!

Are you interested and motivated to join our team? You want to become a Developer, Designer, Community Manager or Publisher? Then IS MADE FOR YOU!



Unosial High project Manager & Editor Manager

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