Help us, we need you on the Coca-Cola Archipelago!

Help us, we need you on the Coca-Cola Archipelago!

Welcome to the biggest production area of Coca-Cola, this is where a big part of the soda is produced! However, we have a big problem, the factory is seriously broken down, and we have very little time left to repair it, please come and help us as soon as possible!

A new Escape Game !

In this Escape Game, your goal will be to repair the different machines in the archipelago.

Indeed, a major problem in the factory caused a general breakdown of all the production and manufacturing machinery of the factory. With the help of Adam, you will have to repair all the machines and restart production within a time limit of 2 hours.

If you don’t, you lost.

How can you participate?

On Sunday November 14 at 9 P.M., Inoxtag and Wankil Studio (Laink & Terracid) will play on this map. The shader used is Sildurs Shader. And for the resource pack, you only need to authorise the custom resource pack on the server upon joining!

With the following IP: and with Minecraft (version 1.16.5), you will be able to join the server. With two of your friends, you too can play this escape game and who knows… Beat the record?

What’s the reward?

On November 26 at 12 P.M., the team with the best time on this Escape Game will win a year of Coca-Cola for free! To consult all the details of this Escape Game or the reward, click here: Rules.

In case of possible problem(s)… What to do?

Do you think you are facing a bug or an error in the map? Don’t hesitate to come to the Inoxtag discord server and contact a staff to discuss your problem. (Of course, you can also join the discord mentioned above to find people to play with so you can try to set a new record, or simply chat!)



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